• Why do stressful circumstances strain some

    …and strengthen others?

    StressMasters trains people to thrive through change, adversity and even setbacks.

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  • How can we live with influence…

    …in a world that is often beyond our control?

    Living With Influence will teach you to make the most of your experience, strength and passion in every relationship. Influence accomplishes more, lasts longer and presses deeper in human lives and history than coercion or control ever will.

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  • Wondering how to achieve more…

    …without losing your life?

    Learn to balance accomplishment and relationships, and be happier too!

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  • What if your business…

    …and your employees could be healthier?

    Use IntegroWellness  consulting to improve the health and happiness of your employees and increase your bottom line.

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If you could change one thing in your life or business…

…what would it be?

When people grow, companies grow. IntegroWellness helps people step through the things that are holding them back, and step into the strengths that empower progress personally and corporately. Custom consulting, coaching and conferences foster more initiative and productivity, better relationships, less stress and sick-time, and lower turnover.
IntegroWellness helps people grow personally, relationally, and vocationally through:

  • clear vision into your challenges and opportunities
  • practical skill training for success and happiness
  • structural changes that support growth
  • values-based transformation

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