My Story

When I was just six years old, a former cowboy and Spitfire pilot named Slim Berard moved in next door. He taught his son Lee and me how to shoot, how to start and cook over a fire, how to orienteer to wherever we wanted with nothing more than a compass and some clear thinking. He poured the spirit of adventure and survival right into my young skin.

A few years later, Henry Hanson – a strong, happy father of friend’s of mine – had a spiffy sled I wanted to ride. When propositioned with borrowing it, he cut me a deal, “Ride down this field at full throttle without slowing down and you can ride it as much as you want.” I held on tight through bumps and over jumps, and I made it! Henry called forward my ability to stare into tough situations and stand my ground.

At 13, a carpenter named Guido came to my family home for coffee and dessert, griping about how hard workers were tough to find. “I’d work hard,” I interjected, before I ever had. He wrote down an address and slid it my way. “See you Thursday” and that was it. He taught me how to build a house from ground to sky, had me ordering concrete and eventually running crews. Guido handed me the golden scepter of skill and management before I’d even graduated high school.

My life has always been this way.

Neighbours, friends, professors, even a professional-gambler-turned-minister, have bled and led into my life and brought me through to the next step right when I needed them most.

And, oh, how I’ve needed them.

I’ve known the rise and subsequent exile of a lead pastor. I’ve kicked thyroid cancer, lingered in burnout, staggered through divorce, and walked through bladder cancer. I’ve started over, started again and stepped through grief and into hope.

I’ve married the love of my life, kissed my three children well into their thirties and served as a craftsman of skill, character and leadership in the way my mentors were there for me.


Life is always both, isn’t it?

I’ve grown old enough to carry their legacy in my bones, in my heart and in my work as an experienced teacher, storyteller and guide they would be proud of.


Principal & Founder


  • My resume runs deep with over 25 years in organizational and community leadership and development as well as project and change management.

    • Researched and contributed to organizational leadership, growth and care in Asia, North, Central and South America, Africa, India and the Middle East.
    • Authored and published “The Rest of Your Life.”
    • Addressed audiences totalling over 300,000 people on 4 continents.
    • Training in psychology and counseling.
    • Master’s degree in Philosophy and Spirituality
    • Founded and built a community-focused Not for Profit that grew from 50 to 1000 people in ten years.
    • Developed and chaired governance focused boards.
    • Keynote Speaker, Western Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges.
    • Strategic Planning Consultant for the award-winning Northern Lights School Division
    • Most highly selected topical Presenter at the 2013 BC Human Resources Association Convention.
    • Volunteered on St. Paul’s Palliative Ward for AIDS & Cancer Patients.