Corporate Consulting

We Equip From the Top

You’re already a successful leader with an entrepreneurial edge, but you’ve reached a corporate ceiling, breaking point or skills cap. Things just can’t keep going the way they are.

Something has to give.

Corporate Consulting is a completely customizable and flexible service offering everything you need and nothing that you don’t so you can get back to feeling in control and in charge.

This is for you if:

  • You’re losing energy keeping up with the success you’ve created and the challenges that come with that
  • You don’t have the right team in place, or don’t have the skills to lead the team you have
  • Your team and organization lack clear expectations and communication
  • You’re stuck in micromanaging mode and struggling to let go and delegate
  • Your organization has outgrown your skills and you need to step up
  • You need to level up and focus on strategy, organization and business development
  • Your corporate culture needs to tune into what’s truly important


We can show you how to:

    • Speak vision that inspires and give you results
    • Lead from values that give you energy and are true to who you really are
    • Communicate clear expectations and accountability that lets you take a step up
    • Stop micromanaging and start delegating
    • Lead more collaborative and productive management and departmental meetings
    • Have a difficult conversation
    • Deal with tough customers
    • Run performance reviews that strengthen instead of demoralize
    • Train your team effectively
    • Run a 360 review on executive teams



Tools we use:

  • Talent Smart 360 Reviews
  • TKI Conflict Style assessment
  • Gallup Q12 Engagement Surveys
  • Strengths-Based Leadership Assessments
  • ADR Mediation
  • Gold Star Sales Management


A clear process is the only way forward.

1. Listening
Through 1-2 hours of one-to-one consulting with you and your team members, I take in what everyone is asking for, needing and not saying to start us off and really tune in to what needs to change.


2. Conversation
Over an hour of conversation, I present a summary of outcomes and recommendations based on what I’m hearing and observing alongside questions that need answering for you and the organization to move forward.


3. Feedback
I take the often uncomfortable truths and hard-to-swallow issues and deliver a digestible written report of action-oriented feedback based on the consulting focuses, outcome, inputs and observations from the team.


4. Action
We’ll facilitate collaborative conversations, implement micro-to-macro action plans, practice supportive accountability and assess follow-through to empower progress for you and your team.


For more detailed information, availability and prices, please reach out.