Transformation grows out of crisis. Things are changing right now. How do you want them to change?

Midway through my life I flew to Rome to live for a year. Forty thousand feet over the Atlantic the question came to me: “Who do I want to be?” No one in Rome knew me. I could be whoever I wanted. I wanted to be authentically different.

The previous decade had brought cancer, burnout, vocational loss, divorce, and 9 eye surgeries. Those crises prepared me to see things differently.

It was a year of transformation. I chose to be engaging, curious and cheerful and actively lived those values out by exploring every day, studying Italian, writing a book and taking Tango lessons.

This year the coin has flipped the other way. This season calls for long-sightedness, restraint and support, creativity and innovation!

What values will you live by these days?

What actions will you take?

How will you think, love, work, and lead differently?

We may struggle with it, but everyone expects change. Why not choose transformation?