The wind was so strong that tree-tops danced and thick trunks swayed, but an eagle hovered above them in the turbulent sky. I pulled off the road to watch the sheer majesty of it. If the wind surged, the creature adjusted a single feather and held its place.

While I watched, two crows swooped through the blustery air and sent the eagle tumbling. The eagle recovered but the crows attacked again. It wasn’t enough to hurt or destroy the eagle, just enough to disorientate it. I don’t know why the crows did it. Maybe they had a nest nearby. Maybe they just had a bad attitude. Some are like that. They don’t want others to be or do what they can’t. For whatever reason, the crows kept sniping at the eagle, throwing him off. I wondered why the eagle didn’t attack the crows but I don’t suppose he could. He was stronger but they were more agile.

Then the storm got worse. The wind grew and the trees became frantic. The eagle was unperturbed and lifted two feathers instead of one. The crows flew at him again and again, but now they cart-wheeled away as the wind caught and tossed them before they could get close enough to attack. The eagle remained.

Sometimes it’s the storms that separate the eagles from the crows. If you maintain your composure when times are troubled, your enemies may be blown away.