Leadership & Team Training

When You Train, You Win

You can only grow to your capacity to manage and develop yourself and the people you’re leading. Without ongoing training, you risk a decline in individual growth, competitive edge and company success across the board, not to mention unsustainable turnover in today’s very competitive hiring market.


With decades of experience in Leadership and Team Training, we help you overcome the most common pitfalls and curveballs by creating the training and skills people need in real time to be successful.

We solve your biggest problems with our strongest skills

  • Facilitating AGM’s
    I anchor and moderate productive Annual General Meetings that create progress strategically and relationally so the entire company leaves more unified, equipped and empowered. 

    Certified Conflict Resolution and Mediation
    I facilitate conversations between individuals and within groups that not only shifts unaligned energy in the moment, but strengthens communication skills to better adapt and approach conflict the next time it comes around.


    Training to Coach

    I teach leaders how to successfully coach their teams, both one-on-one and as a group, while helping incorporate and build effective coaching practices into the DNA and culture of the entire company.


Training will give you and your team:

  • More confidence walking into any room
  • A sharpened and skilled leadership style
  • Assertive communication and accountability
  • Better relationships with staff and clients
  • Less stress and angst about work
  • A healthier company culture
  • A more enjoyable life!


Training that strengthens who you are and what you need

  • Leadership Training can look exactly like whiteboards, flip charts and projectors illuminated with KPI’s and org charts, but it can also look like problem-solving and blue-sky thinking at the best restaurant in town, watching the game or hitting the local trails.
  • Team Training is primarily skill and outcome focused, but it can also be an activity and practice that deepens character, raises vulnerability and heightens awareness while strengthening connections and trust. It can even be fun!

Our work can include:


  • Influence: Leading Beyond Coercion and Control
  • Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Essential Management Skills
  • Resilience: How to Get Yourself and Others Up and Going Again
  • Board Leadership
  • Scenario Planning
  • Self-Regulation: Leading Without Losing It
  • Leading Through Tragedy and Grief
  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Retail Sales Management


  • Non-Defensive Listening and Assertive Communication
  • Better Communication Through Conflict
  • Regulating Conversations That Are Out of Control
  • Meetings that Make a Difference
  • Unifying People on the Same Page or Creating a New One


  • Building a Healthy Corporate Culture
  • Employee-Centricity and How it Builds Better Companies
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Collaboration


  • Strategy and Structure that Support the Life of Your Business
  • Evaluations that Create Clarity and Empower Progress
  • Performance Reviews that Strengthen Rather than Demoralize.
  • Hiring Skills That Get You What You Need
  • How to Train So It Sticks
  • Time and Energy Management

We take it one step at a time.

STEP ONE: Witness and listen.

I collect cues, ask for intel and step into the thick of things to get a truer sense of the pace, purpose and problems of the company. This can be anything from how meetings are held to facial expressions in the hall, job site morale to how staff interact with higher-ups.


STEP TWO: Assess and inform.

With tangible experiences and collected feedback from within the company, I’m then able to meet with leadership to say everything that needs to be heard. It could paint a picture of what’s happening or some strengths you can build on, challenges holding you back or where efficiency is tanking. Since things are always changing, this step is an ongoing conversation that keeps our work current.


STEP THREE: Answer and integrate.

Solutions are what we’re ultimately after, so I clear a way for leadership to move forward with vision and value-aligned applications and actions that move everyone past the finish line.