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Talks that Transform

We’re all looking for truths that resonate, conversations that stick and stories that transform us.

A good talk lands all three and then some.

As a master orator who has spoken to more than 300,000 people on 4 continents, I deliver talks and conversations on any topic with signature honesty, gritty experience and a listening ear for what the audience most needs to hear.

A great talk creates clear effects that people need
  • Conversation
    We’re eager for mutual exchanges – to be talked with, not at – so I find out what people really need to hear before I start talking. This guarantees the integrity of a two-way street and a back-and-forth that empowers progress.Clarity
    We yearn for someone to cut through the noise and offer clear thoughts, true feelings and an inspiring vision for the next step. We want energizing takeaways we can own, understand and use instead of thinking, “I wonder what that means?” afterwards.Honesty
    We’re all seeking the truth and I honour that by being graciously direct and honest about life. I’ve lived through some of the best, the good and the toughest of parts. I know that people can live a really good life and have things go terribly wrong, so I offer the fullest spectrum of my experiences and say it straight.Hope
    We’re longing to find a way forward, so the message I bring always meets a deep need for hope. I’m not blasting the audience or telling them what failures they are, but helping them drop their shoulders, take a breath and leave with strong and practical hope for the future.Connection
    We’re hungry for real and true emotional connection with ourselves, each other and humanity at large. That starts with vulnerability – real vulnerability – that I offer to the audience through sharing my own story, faults and wins. I put everything on the table so we can build a mutual and authentic connection.


Story speaks volumes

Story is a natural tool we use to make sense of the life within us and around us, so it’s the medium I lean into the most when I speak. Whether it’s literature, history, film or art, stories create a-ha! moments, help an audience draw on their imagination and transform a talk into self-evident revelations.

I speak to anybody, anywhere

  • With a natural knack for learning, research and study, I’m in my zone when I bring to life any topic or talk that meets real needs or aspirations, no matter who the audience is. 

    I’ve had the honour of speaking at:

    • business conventions
    • leadership seminars
    • university graduations
    • personal growth seminars
    • stadium services
    • AGM’S and impactful meetings


    Standout experiences:

    • BC Human Resources Association Convention, 2013
      “How to Lead with Good Influence and Live Beyond Coercion and Control.”
      Top breakout session attended by 300 professionals.
    • Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges Convention. 2005
    • Mission of Hope and Reconciliation, Rwanda, 2003


    Popular Topics

    • Living with Influence in a World Often Beyond Our Control
    • How to Thrive with Resilience Under Pressure, Through Adversity and Beyond Failure.
    • The Enduring Power of Hope
    • Say It Good and Straight: Non Defensive Listening and Assertive Communication


Gregory Schroeder is a seasoned consultant, speaker and coach who draws from his depth of skills and breadth of life to build stronger leaders with growing businesses and healthier lives.



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