Who have I followed blindly?

I journeyed to Mumbai to meet a man who led a group of eighty disgruntled souls into a community of three hundred thousand people committed to service and growth. I wanted to know how he did it. He sent his driver to fetch us.

As I waited on the stairs by the tall bank of windows I saw a man stroking the pavement with his red and white cane as he walked down the centre of four lanes of opposing traffic! Better still was the second man who gripped the first man’s elbow and walked a step behind with his own cane tucked up under his free arm. It is the only time I have literally seen the blind leading the blind. The difference between the two was confidence.

Confidence is the mark of most people in the lead. You need confidence to lead, but confidence is no guarantee of good leadership. Who have I followed blindly? When have I led without vision? Whether you are in front or following, confidence grows best out of good vision, character and skills. Who knows, maybe the one in front had been there before.