Where is your growing edge?

There is a growing edge to life.

Plants reach up for sunlight and down for water. Animal cells multiply and grow exponentially to heal and sometimes even create a new life! Muscles grow in response to challenge.

Some years ago I found myself wishing I could have done three things differently. First, I wished I could have carried myself with more peace through a major health crisis. Secondly, I wished I had stood with more strength in a major conflict at work. Thirdly, I wished I had lived with more consideration for those closest to me. I wanted to live with more substance personally, vocationally and relationally. Three weeks later I lay on a gurney in the basement of Saint Paul’s hospital waiting for a needle biopsy of some lumps in my neck. When the doctor approached me in the dim room I smiled — this was my chance to do it differently! I waited without worrying, or worrying others. Opportunities came to do things better at work and relationally too. I chose a different path.

Life keeps bringing opportunities for change and growth. Whether it is an area of weakness or simply because we are meant to grow, events often cluster around a theme that begs us to do things differently. Where you repeatedly feel the sharp pains of things that are prodding the raw wounds in your life it is time to respond in a way that brings healing and strength rather than picking at the scabs. Where you consistently see opportunities without maximizing them it is time to step into things in a way that makes the most of what you’ve been given. That’s stewardship!

Where is the growing edge in your life? Is there a theme or focus where life keeps presenting similar opportunities to add strength and respond differently?

Ask yourself, “Is there a better way for me to handle this?

Imagine what you want to say or do or even how you want to feel. Imagination is where we prepare for the future.

Whether it is personally, relationally or vocationally, identify the growing edge in your life and step ahead.